NEWS about the 2nd annual


CRPU sanctioned and sponsored
Tobermory, Ontario to Niagara Falls Ontario – 320 km Sunday, September 9th, 2018
Special Encore 330 Englehart – 531 km Saturday, September 29th, 2018
Limited to 500 birds, no back-ups

Open to CU members only

Each regular CU membership is entitled to enter up to 3 birds.  Each family membership may enter up to 4 birds

Entries close at 500 birds, first come, first serve

The Encore 330 is new for 2018.  All birds returning from the main event are eligible.  Your Encore activation and perch fee following the main event also automatically enters your birds in the NRRPA Englehart Open!!  That’s right.  Two races for the price of one!  The Encore birds will be entered into the Englehart Open and shipped and released with the Englehart Open birds and be entered into the Englehart Open race.  They will be flying for the Encore prize money, and the Englehart Open prize money.  Two for the price of one!!
There will be a big BBQ and family fun event on race day at the main event from Tobermory on September 9th.  A small informal event will be hosted for the Encore 330.  The loft is situated on 40 pristine acres and well suited for children of all ages.  Sorry, due to the resident livestock, please, no pets.

The loft is located 15 minutes from the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  Make it a family weekend.  Marineland, two casinos, 100+ hotels, 100+ restaurants, many first-class golf courses, cross border shopping, major wineries, Shaw festival, Butterfly Conservancy, boat tours, Clifton Hill, Hersey Store, major indoor water park etc., all within minutes of the loft location.


$100 entry fee per bird for the main event payable upon delivery of birds

  An optional $100 entry fee/bird for the Encore 330 payable following the main race.  No replacement birds allowed

Perch fee - $70/bird for the main event Tobermory race payable upon delivery of birds

perch fee - $25/bird for the Encore 330 payable following the main race

Payout – Based on entries

100% of entry paid out, no cut for expenses

Approximately 1 in 10 entries will win a prize


No pooling.
The CU will provide a trophy for the winner of the Tobermory 320.
The birds will be darkened and loft darkening will start on 06 May.
All birds will be vaccinated against PMV and Paratyphoid upon arrival at the loft.

All training flights and races will be posted on the Niagara Peninsula One Loft Race website.
All birds will receive a chip ring upon arrival and the ring will be programed following the final date of delivery in May. Rules
All fees, once paid, are non-refundable, unless no birds are clocked in race time.
Should sufficient birds fail to return in race time to close out the prizes, the unclaimed prize money will be paid-out proportionally to the birds that clocked in race time.  Should no birds clock in race time, 100% of the entry fees (excluding perch fees and cost of mailing) will be refunded.
All positions will be paid based on clocking order (no drops).  In the event of a dead heat (tie) the prizes for the tied positions will be added together and divided by the number of tied birds.

Birds will be received during two discreet 9-day windows:

31 MAR 2018 until 08 APR 2018

28 APR to 06 MAY 2018

This allows 18 days including 4 separate weekends for delivering the birds

The first date is for the earlier breeders and is   from 31 MAR 2018 until 08 APR 2018.

The second window, for those wishing to breed later, or to ship slightly older birds, will be from 28 APR to 06 MAY 2018.

Please plan to have your birds ready for delivery during one of these time periods.  Contact Rick Fyfe (905-329-5139) to arrange delivery to the loft or for airport pick-up.

Breeders may arrange to have their birds picked up at the loft following the race.  Unclaimed birds will become the property of the Niagara Peninsula One Loft Race if pick-up arrangements have not been finalized by 14 OCT 2018.

All birds must be banded with a 2018 seamless life band approved for racing by the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union.

Both races are designated as two-day races.  The race will close once all the prizes have been won, or one half hour after sunset on day two, which ever comes first.

All CU rules apply.

Disputes not covered by these rules will be decided by Rick and Jeane Fyfe with advice from the Race Advisory Committee.

Additional Information:
Race Proprietors – Rick and Jeane Fyfe, 9961 Nichols Lane, Niagara Falls, ON, L2H 1V6.
Race advisory Committee:  Mike van der Jagt, Allan Gauvin CU Treasurer, Dr. John Sowerby DVM.
Make cheques payable to the Niagara Peninsula OLR and mail to Rick Fyfe 9961 Nichols Lane, Niagara Falls, ON, L2H 1V6.
For further information contact Rick at tel. 905-329-5139, or email